The good taste's hotspot

Selfmade treats are going to make your heart melt.                                          Fresh, regional , biologic and if you’d like to even vegan.

You have the choice , self-catering or completely pampering. A new freedom in the culinary art…

If you want to, we’ll deliver you fresh, hot buns in the morning.

Talgut “pleasure-breakfast”

  • fresh pastry sweet&savory
  • fruit salad with/without regional yoghurt and curd
  • fresh pressed, high quality juices
  • regional products like cheese, sausage, spreads(from local butchers and alpine dairies)
  • daily changing, delicious and exceptional specials…


Talgut Weckglasl

You aren’t in the mood for cooking? But at the same time you don’t want to leave the house?
Then use our Talgut delivery. A menu with one set meal changing daily (except sundays and feasts) is available for you.
On order we deliver the fresh cooked food directly into your Lodge!

Good to know: The meals in the glasses are cold as they are delivered. You can just heat it up whenever you want to…Due to this you are completely independend and can make plans for your day, without having to care about fix mealtimes…

Prices are starting at EUR 29 per person

Talgut Bratfeuer

Summer, Sun, BBQ.

This is a little “Outdoor-BBQ”  with a pan-like form and a fire underneath, where you can barbeque meat, vegetables or bread. We deliver you all the delicious, regional condiments in a basket.

Let the fun begin!

Bratfeuer (3-course-menu) price EUR 38 per person