ca. 60 min. € 85


Body-part-massage (back)

ca. 30 min. € 48 


ca. 40 min. € 60 

Reflexology (feet)

by Hanne Marquardt
Every part or system of your body is reflected in your feet.
By stimulating these certain areas, the therapist can make you feel better in a very shallow, gentle way.
Not just your body will profit from it but also your soul…
 ca. 40 min. € 60 

Dorn therapy

This is a very gentle therapy for correcting malpositions of joints and locked vertebras.

The therapist uses gentle, rhythmic moves instead of hard reduces. This increases the blood flow and relaxes the muscles.

ca. 60 min. € 85

Tui Na

A combination of rubbing, kneading, pounding and pushing the acupuncture points frees you from blockades.

Your body’s energy will find its’ harmonic flow again.
This treat is very helpful if you suffer from headaches, sleeping disorders, stress and tensions/hardenings.

ca. 90 min. € 110 

Cupping glass therapy

The absorption produces a low pressure that stimulates the blood flow and your metabolism.

It reduces pain and helps the muscles to relax

ca. 75 min. € 48

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